Camp Kennolyn 1
Camp Kennolyn 2
Camp Kennolyn 3
Camp Kennolyn 4
Camp Kennolyn 5
Camp Kennolyn 6
Camp Kennolyn 7
Camp Kennolyn 8
Joann Cho and Katie Chun
One of my lunch circle's bad moments
Marlborough Class Photo
Carlthorp Class Photo
Natalie, Matthew, and Michael at Disneyland
Natalie and her Pulp Free OJ
My Friends, the weirdos
9th Grade Photo Project: Rachel Monas
The friends who love me: giving me the finger

My Family
My House
At Aunt EJ's House
River Rafting Summer 1999
Mom and Dad at Alexis' Graduation
Daddy and Baby Alexis in 1984
Mommy and baby Alexis in 1982
Oma and Opa with baby Alexis in 1982
Alexis with baby me in 1986/1987
My Kitty Harley
My Kitty Tina
Sal in the kitchen
Sal at the beach (when she's just a baby!)
Me Climbing the Doorjamb (displaying my climbing instincts)
Me in Pre-School
Me at the Washington Monument

Alexis and her friends
Holiday Fest 99
Alexis on Grad Night
Alexis with friends at graduation 1
Alexis with friends at graduation 2

Celebrities at the 1999 SAG Awards
Angelina Jolie
Cate Blanchett
Roberto Benini
Noah Wyle
David Duchovny 1
David Duchovny 2
David Duchovny 3
David Duchovny 4
David Duchovny 5
Gillian Anderson
Nick Lea
Mitch and Arlene Pileggi
William B. Davis
Two of the Frasier Cast
Friends Cast