A post-Hawaii pool party/BBQ at Melissa's.  
May 25, 2003

A week of bonding in Hawaii with the senior class.  
May 19-23, 2002

May 17, 2002

A night at Rachel's with Gabrielle, Roach, and Kaelan.  
August 2, 2002

A month with some of the best rowers in the country at Development Camp in Connecticut.  
June 26, 2002 - July 28, 2002

Fun in the hotel in San Diego at our first regatta of 2002.  
February 23, 2002

Crammed into Britt's car and laughing my ass off with Brianne, Mary, Tif, and Alexis after practice.  
February 22, 2002

Some terrible fotos of Kaelan, Emily, and Caitlin in the dance studio.  
January 14, 2002

At the Getty with Kaelan.  
January 13, 2002

Random shit: inhalers, math study sheets, sleeping dogs.  
January 13, 2002

A day at school and a spied kiss.  
January 9, 2002

New Years Eve at Kaelan's house: dancing kikis, magazines, and an iPod.  
December 31, 2001

With Marisa, Joanna, and Raya at Coffee Bean on Larchmont: a collection of particularly uneventful photos.  
November 16, 2001

As You Like It: Getting ready for performance, and the party at Canters.  
November 15 & 17, 2001

Raya's sweet 16 party.  
October 13, 2001

Coffee Bean with the most adorable two people, Raya and Kat.  
October 11, 2001

Raya's b-day! and fantastical cupcakes from roach.  
October 8, 2001

Rocky Horror Picture show with Eric, Alexis, and Christina. hahaha. cock.  
September 8, 2001

The Radiohead concert! (Many of these photos were taken of the screens, not the actual stage)  
August 20, 2001

In Seattle: Uwajimaya, many accidental self-portraits, very revealing "International Model Toys", and strange facial expressions.  
August 8, 2001

A visit from Chris: shows Adam his guitars, and teaches Alexis to juggle (sort of).  
August 7, 2001

Mount Rainier: Paradise.  
August 2, 2001

Two pictures. Just the amazement that this guy pulled the pump to the other side of his car, then it didn't reach by one foot, and he moved the car a foot so it could reach. It amused me.  
August 1, 2001

Ivars Fish & Chips in Seattle for my birthday!  
July 31, 2001

A walk in Seattle, featuring Drains, men with hairy backs, and very disturbing stickers.  
July 30, 2001

I was so tempted to take my drivers test here, just so I could say, "yeah, i got my license in Weed."  
July 27, 2001

SF day 4: a dog park, and a kid's zoo with cute animals and a lot of bees.  
July 24, 2001

SF day 3: Ghirardelli Square, a cruise around the bay (many Golden Gate Bridge Pictures), and a visit to the Palace of Fine Arts with Alexis and Sarai.  
July 23, 2001

SF day 2: a day with Amber and Jon.  
July 22, 2001

Our first day in San Francisco: Chinatown.  
July 21, 2001

A visit to the Hearst Castle, then driving up to San Francisco, my first view of the Golden Gate, and getting into the costumes we had prepared the night before to surprise Joanie.  
July 20, 2001

The night before we leave, and this is what we're doing...*shakes head*  
July 18, 2001

At the Japanese Garden in LA.  
July 17, 2001

At the Salvador Dali exhibit at UCLA.  
July 16, 2001

In Long Beach with Bobby.  
July 14, 2001

At Black Market L.A.: where Adam bought his electric guitar. (#03-what he bought)  
July 13, 2001

Universal Studios.  
July 12, 2001

Two photos of our friends from Israel: Suzanne, then Sarai.  
July 11, 2001

At the Promenade with Kaelan, Brittany, and Malcolm.  
July 9, 2001

Cindy's going away party: at a laser tag place, then playing pool at her house.  
July 7, 2001

Independence Day: huge burgers at home, and fireworks from the freeway.  
July 4, 2001

A night at Michaela's with Gus, Amber, Jonathan, and Alexis.  
June 30, 2001

A very bleached summer day at the beach.  
June 28, 2001

Raya and I go to see Shane's play: but first have some Teriyaki chicken and walk by kaelan's isp.  
June 13, 2001

Kaelan and I go to the Promenade.  
June 10, 2001

Half-day of school--> a walk on Melrose and a visit to Pink's  
May 31, 2001

Jerry's Deli and a day in Westwood with Raya.  
May 26, 2001

The drive home from Sacramento.  
May 20, 2001

Crew finals in Sacramento: cute little girls and cute little ducks.  
May 19, 2001

Zoe's Bday pahtay/ an X-Files gathering.  
May 6, 2001

A walk in Hancock Park.  
May 5, 2001

Friends in the auditorium.  
May 4, 2001

Amber was in LA... it was bliss all around!  
April 27, 2001

Another day in the dance studio. [most photos taken by miss monas]  
April 25, 2001

Visiting my Opa for Easter  
April 14-15, 2001

One X-Files gathering... just a few sweet pictures.  
April 8, 2001

College Tour 2001: Mad Libs, Quotes, and of course, pictures galore  
March 29-April 6, 2001

What happens when at midnight, you decide to read the manual for your digital camera for the first time  
March 27, 2001

The San Diego Cal Cup #2 race day. fshwee!  
March 24, 2001

The day we tried to bleach Annalee's hair, and failed miserably.  
March 22, 2001

Camera wars: a snippet of life from Kaelan and Caitlin.  
March 13, 2001

Kaelan's Surprise birthday party: tiaras, feather boas, and bowling fun.  
March 11, 2001

The trip to the San Francisco Regatta  
March 2-4, 2001

Some of them looked like hippies, some swing danced, jess rested her head on rachel's boob.  
March 1, 2001

American Studies: making faces and finding out where our tax money goes  
February 28, 2001

February 27, 2001

More Fun at period 5E: sharing hair and getting it on  
February 26, 2001

Laura's: a dog with a nose job, and Annalee identifying with a monkey  
February 25, 2001

At the boathouse: the day before our regatta  
February 23, 2001

Going home... what happens when you don't look through the viewfinder  
February 19, 2001

The night Mulder came back (kinda), we all played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (kinda), and we all sat in the back of a pickup.  
February 18, 2001

Period 5E in the Dance Studio (much fun and warrior moves).  
February 9, 2001

Fun in the Marlborough Library.  
January 31, 2001

The night we almost went bowling but ended up watching dance movies instead.  
January 20-21, 2001

Holiday Fest and an XF Party
December 15, 2000

Rachel Monas' Birthday Party
October 7, 2000

Silent Pictures
September 30, 2000

Photo Gallery of family, friends, and celebrities